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How does this work then? *****being written 11/05/2015, please check back later ****


Well basically I've decided to give my reviews and opinions on equipment I use/have used in the past. I've spent many years travelling using  gear ranging from a £15 tent and £5 foam sleeping mat to a £600 Arctic sleeping bag and a £400 tent. So I feel I can give a good range of opinions. Oh and there's a very important thing in my reviews:


I hate bulls**t, and I really hate pub talk. If you want to travel with no gear and sleep uncomfortably with rocks sticking in your back, purely so you can brag about how tough you are.....then I'm very happy for you, but that's not what my reviews are about. I usually spend the least amount of money possible, but sometimes there are things worth spending it on. Sleeping mats are a very good example of this

So here's how my reviews work: (here's a massively shortened version of my Exped 9LW down sleeping mat review)

  1. How good is it? 10/10. To sleep on, nothing beats it.
  2. Cost 3/10. At £200 that's a lot of beer/petrol
  3. Lifespan: 9/10 It's got the "Ed hasn't killed it in 2 years award" with only one slow puncture (repaired).
  4. Value for money: 8/10. Sure it's pricey at £200, but because camping on it is so comfy, I don't get a £50 hotel room the next night because my back hurts. So it's cheaper than 4 hotel rooms, bargain! Plus it's rated down to -38oC!
  5. Value for weight/size. 9/10. 1.2kg and 5.7 litres means it's larger than some, but still small enough for a pannier. And when I was using it at -34oC and was still warm, I didn't care about the weight.
  6. Total score: 8/10. If you're camping on ice then it gets 10/10. But for normal use it gets 6/10 due to the cost as the 7cm downmat/synthetic will probably work for you, and save a little space and £50-£100. However if you get the 9cm one and aren't fussed about weight and cost, you'll never need to buy anything else to sleep on.
  7. Summary quote: "I look forward to sleeping on this, that's awesome!"

 Now you know what to expect, let's get to it, the reviews are below for your reading pleasure.



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